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i know our ways are strange to you


••• about the bot
→ name: jamie (or any variation thereof)
→ nickname (other than variations of the above): mousebot
→ career: computer science nut, working in the IT space, probably working a bit too hard
→ life: still figuring that shit out will forever be a work in progress, but life is good :)
→ status: married

••• animals that make me happy
→ cats (and lolcats!)
→ bears
→ dogs
→ hedgehogs
→ hummingbirds
→ mice
→ pandas

••• other things that make me happy
→ art
→ bad boys (see key LJ interest: serial killer capslock)
→ computers, video games, and my Android
→ friends
→ math
→ robots
→ science
→ tea

••• media interests to various degrees of fannish-ness
→ Angel & Buffy the Vampire Slayer
→ Dark Angel
→ DC Comics (Batfamily, mostly)
→ Harry Potter
→ House of Cards
→ Inception
→ Queer as Folk
→ Shameless
→ Smallville
→ Star Trek Reboot
→ Supernatural
→ The Blacklist
→ The Vampire Diaries
→ Thor
→ True Blood
→ X-Men: First Class

••• credit
journal layout by grrliz @ thefulcrum
mood theme by girlboheme @ frostianmoods
profile image by aleurier @ bella_sol (art by Heng Swee Lim)

••• contact
lj message

••• friending policy
→ none, though I do generally prefer to interact with people before I friend them. ♥

NOTE: This journal is flocked. Except this post.
hee hee hee, I was just really in the mood for some lists!! I have more junk to add... eventually. :D